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You may call me Princess KC. Living in Portland, OR and travel oftenCreative professional by day, foot model, blogger, and Domme to foot slaves worldwide all the rest of the time. Big feet – 10.5 inches long, size 11 US (42 EU) foot size. Stand 5 feet 9 inches tall, and I tower over almost everyone in heels.

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I only want willing foot slaves who are ready to serve me. I’m not interested in chat buddies or casual convo, too little time for that.



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Welcome to My Foot, Sock and Shoe Fetish Blog

As you can see, I NEED a hydro hammock!

So excited summer weather is here! I’ve been hanging out in my friend’s hammock all weekend. What I REALLY want is a Hydro Hammock! It’s a hot tub in a hammock and it’s totally portable! I can literally have a hot tub even while I’m camping, or take a bath and wash my feet, or soak in cold water when it’s hot outside, or just chill in it like I’m doing here. The whole shibang costs about $1,500 but if you want to splurge and buy me one, the amount of photos and videos that would be coming at you while I use it will make every penny worth it! Email me (spoilmyfeet@gmail.com) if you’re interested in the ultimate in spoiling me and my perfect feet by purchasing me one!




Well, hello there, dahlings!

I’m back! For my first post, I thought I’d show off my shoe wall since I realized I hadn’t posted a photo of it. I look like a deranged honey badger because I’m so excited to have my wall-o-shoes! haha Of course, this isn’t even 1/4 of my total collection but it showcases some of my favs!

Check back, I’m going to post some photos of some shoes, boots, and socks that I’m going to auction off to the highest bidder. So be prepared to open your wallets wide so you don’t miss the chance to worship the sweet smell of my perfect feet!

~ Princess KC



Website Revamp!

I keep fiddling with the style of my blog and never loving it. I’m a web designer in the “real world” and I’m always learning new tricks and I’ve finally found a way to build my sites exactly the way I want! So now I’m working on redoing this one so I’ll feel more inspired to post regularly since I’ll enjoy looking at it again! Watch this space!


Worship My White Knee Highs

I’m silent auctioning my smelly, worn white knee high socks, message me at kcknowsbest@gmail.com or on KIK/Skype: spoilmyfeet

I also have other socks & shoes that need a new one home on your face… ;)

Rainbow Brite!

Look what arrived in the mail from the one who loves my feet more than anyone else! The most perfectest rainbow heels for my perfect, soft feet! So excited to wear these! They’re so shiny!