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Moved to the Bay Area in California!

By Princess KC | 0 Comments

I’ve been away from my blog from a bit but I’ve been loving all the Christmas gifts that I received this year despite being quiet on here for the past few months. I truly have some of the most loyal foot slaves out there! If you foolish forgot to pick out a special gift for me, click here for my wishlist or send Amazon gift cards to spoilmyfeet@gmail.com!

I recently moved to the Bay Area in California and a much more relaxing environment with a lot more sunny days compared to Portland, so that means I can bare my soles more here! …see what I did there? ;) So check back more often now that I’ll be posting more but ALWAYS remember to spoil me or you’re not a true foot slaves and those are the only kinds I own!

Here are some cute photos of my feet in front of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. I’m loving living here with all the sexy shoe shops! Can’t wait to go shoe shopping with one of my foot boys…

As you can see, I NEED a hydro hammock!

By Princess KC | 1 Comment

So excited summer weather is here! I’ve been hanging out in my friend’s hammock all weekend. What I REALLY want is a Hydro Hammock! It’s a hot tub in a hammock and it’s totally portable! I can literally have a hot tub even while I’m camping, or take a bath and wash my feet, or soak in cold water when it’s hot outside, or just chill in it like I’m doing here. The whole shibang costs about $1,500 but if you want to splurge and buy me one, the amount of photos and videos that would be coming at you while I use it will make every penny worth it! Email me (spoilmyfeet@gmail.com) if you’re interested in the ultimate in spoiling me and my perfect feet by purchasing me one!