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As you can see, I NEED a hydro hammock!

So excited summer weather is here! I’ve been hanging out in my friend’s hammock all weekend. What I REALLY want is a Hydro Hammock! It’s a hot tub in a hammock and it’s totally portable! I can literally have a hot tub even while I’m camping, or take a bath and wash my feet, or soak… Continue Reading

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Well, hello there, dahlings!

I’m back! For my first post, I thought I’d show off my shoe wall since I realized I hadn’t posted a photo of it. I look like a deranged honey badger because I’m so excited to have my wall-o-shoes! haha Of course, this isn’t even 1/4 of my total collection but it showcases some of… Continue Reading

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Website Revamp!

I keep fiddling with the style of my blog and never loving it. I’m a web designer in the “real world” and I’m always learning new tricks and I’ve finally found a way to build my sites exactly the way I want! So now I’m working on redoing this one so I’ll feel more inspired… Continue Reading

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Worship My White Knee Highs

I’m silent auctioning my smelly, worn white knee high socks, message me at kcknowsbest@gmail.com or on KIK/Skype: spoilmyfeet I also have other socks & shoes that need a new one home on your face… ;) Continue Reading

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Rainbow Brite!

Look what arrived in the mail from the one who loves my feet more than anyone else! The most perfectest rainbow heels for my perfect, soft feet! So excited to wear these! They’re so shiny! Continue Reading

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Worship my smelly, well worn socks on your face all night long!

I almost threw my socks in the bin when I smelled how bad they were when I took my feet out of my boots. I noticed the holes on the bottom after wearing these all winter last year and most of this year, especially on cold days because I loooove knee highs! Then I remembered… Continue Reading

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Black over the knee boots from a foot boy!

I’ve been wanting a cute pair of over the knee boots for winter. My new foot boy read my mind and purchased a pair off my Wishlist! He even sent it gift wrapped with a card. So sweet! I’m wearing them out dancing tonight since it’s super cold out and they’ll keep me warm! Continue Reading

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Spa Day!

My best friend, Morgan, and I want to revive my foot blog. She loves foot worship, too! One of my loyal foot slaves paid for us to have a full day at the spa so we went to my favorite one in downtown Portland. Complete with massages and pedicures! So relaxing after a long couple… Continue Reading

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Fresh Pink Pedicure

One of my loyal foot slaves sent a tribute so I could pamper myself with a deluxe pedicure. I went in and had one of the best pedicures that I’ve had since Bali! My favorite place to go is in Bali but this is my new favorite and it’s near my place. She took great… Continue Reading

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Summer Daze with Lady L

My foot fetish bestie, Lady L, came over to work on our respective blogs today. I’m not sure if it’s the sun finally coming out or what, but I’ve been pretty dazed out lately so it was good to have her over and help me focus. We took lots of photos and even made a… Continue Reading

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Below the Knee Munch

My friend, Lady L, and I went to the first “Below the Knee” munch at The Lotus in downtown Portland last night. She’s recently started her own foot fetish blog so I’ve been showing her some of the ropes to get her feet wet! ;) She’s really awesome, but we’re very different, so I think… Continue Reading

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Keeping My Heels High!

I always keep my head, heels and standards high, and that includes having very high standards for all my foot slaves. Only those who serve me like I require and deserve are allowed to worship my perfect feet! It doesn’t require a huge bank roll, but I do require foot boys who have an innate desire to… Continue Reading

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Two New Foot Galleries!

I added two new foot galleries – one on my About Me and one on How to Be My Foot Slave! Each one scrolls through dozens of photos or you can click the little circles when you hover over the slider. Then do the right thing and spoil me with a gift off my wishlist or an eGift card. GO… Continue Reading

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My feet celebrate a day at the beach!

I went shoe shopping in Lincoln City on the Oregon coast yesterday, all fully paid for through a tribute from a foot slave! So. Many. Cute. Shoes!!! He’s the only one allowed to see the other photos since he served me so well, and that’s his reward for being a loyal foot boy. The other photos… Continue Reading

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New & Improved Spoil My Feet Blog, yay!

I’m working on updating the layout of my blog. I think it’s been the main thing stopping me from posting more frequently because I didn’t like the style I had before. I have so many photos on my phone that I can’t wait to post! And this style includes an updating Instagram feed along the… Continue Reading

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Now quit asking, you sick freak. ;) Continue Reading

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My Purple Dinosaur Knee High Socks

My favorite part about winter is wearing knee high socks! Even though my feet make less of an appearance when it’s cold, at least they’re always covered with cute socks and boots. I’m really needing some adorable knee high weather resistant boots, so get to shopping on my Wishlist! Continue Reading

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I’m BACK, bitches!

I decided to take a break from my blog for a while but I’m still here and livin the dream in the PNW! So check back often and do what you do best, bow down at my feet and serve me like royalty… Continue Reading

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Clubbing with Pink Hair

Pink is my favorite color, so I love to wear my pink wig out sometimes when I go out dancing with my girlfriends, of course I wear matching pink nail polish and pink heels. These photos were taken before I went out one night, before I got ready. We went to 3 clubs that night… Continue Reading

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Shopping Therapy with Your Money

A little shopping therapy with one of my foot slave’s money at the mall. The first pic is trying on the top, and the last pic is me wearing it out. Nothing puts a smile on my face like buying shoes and cute outfits with your money! ;) In the last pic, I’m wearing my… Continue Reading

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