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Foot Fetish Guys Anti Creepy Training Video

Funny and true! Take a hint so you can stop creeping out girls with your fetish and using us simply as a pair of feet. Talk like a normal person, not a slobbering fool, and you’ll be a lot more likely to succeed in worshiping a woman’s feet.

Video: Mojito Heels!

I’m on a vid making frenzy today! Here’s another one showing off my Mojitos. You won’t see heels like these everyday. They have no sole and look very futuristic and fashionable! Surprisingly, Mojitos are also comfortable! And named after one of my favorite cocktails.

Video: Massaging My Feet With Lotion

A new vid! This one is massaging my dry feet with lotion. I gave myself a pedicure with silver polish and a tiny pink star on my right big toe. ;) Treat me to an Amazon gift card or a gift from my wishlist if you want a custom vid.  

New YouTube vid – My Feet Crush & Trample Two Cherries

I’m wearing my pink studded heels and crushing two cherries between the ground and my foot. I haven’t done many trampling videos, so let me know what you think. ;) I like how the silver studs on the pink straps match my nail polish and toe ring. ~ KC ~

My Bare Feet in the Car

I got the new iPhone! It’s the silver 32GB so I have lots of room for pics and vids and it has a flash so I’ll be able to take some hot shots, even when I’m out clubbing with my friends and it’s dark so you boiz can see my sexy feet wherever they take…