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How To Be My Foot Slave


I am seeking men who feel the inherent need to spoil me and my perfect feet. The main quality you must possess is a desire to serve me and spoil me with material things like clothing, shoes, socks, nylons, fishnets, hosiery, jewelry, makeup, travel, and daily needs to keep me happy because that is what brings you the most joy in your life. Yes, I am spoiled, and you love it! ;)

If you are unable or not interested, that’s fine but do not contact me as I am not interested in “chat buddies” to talk to online. I want submissive men who know that it’s their place to put a smile on my face. If you are looking to make me happy and begin fulfilling my needs in life, then read the list below to start.

Ways to Instantly Begin Serving Me:

Donate to My Pedicure & Shoe Shopping Fund

Purchase gift(s) off my Amazon wishlist (automatically sends to my address)

Buy an Amazon eGift certificate sent to [email protected]

– Buy an iTunes gift card (can be found at most retail stores) and send me the redemption code to [email protected]

– Buy other gift cards from stores and send the redemption codes to [email protected]

Once you choose how you wish to begin serving me from the list above, email me and I will give you further instruction on how I wish to use you. I do not like when slaves constantly ask what they get in return for serving me, but I do enjoy rewarding submissives who work hard and do their best to serve me.

Some things I like to reward you with include: custom photo sets, webcam sessions, allowing you to worship my worn socks/shoes/sandals, assigned tasks or dares for you to complete, Skype/phone conversations, and real time including: massaging my feet, shoe shopping, being my maid/house boy, CBT (clothed), photographing me and my feet, and serving me in any capacity I see fit. I do NOT allow any nudity or touching above my ankles in real time foot worship sessions. This is simply about foot worship and spoiling me.

Princess KC

Spoil My Feet